Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MWPC Stands with Planned Parenthood. Do You?

As an organization devoted to the rights and equality of women, the MA Women’s Political Caucus is shocked and appalled at the recent assault on Planned Parenthood and Title X by certain members of Congress and political commentators who are using this opportunity to push a political agenda. This fight is not about budget balancing. The health and well-being of millions of American women are being compromised for political gain. One of the most disturbing developments arising from this fight are the false assertions being propagated by those who are opposed to Planned Parenthood. Contrary to those assertions, Planned Parenthood provides essential services that benefit millions of women.

MWPC sets the record straight and calls you to action to preserve the rights and health of American women and their families.

Assertion:           Government money is being used by Planned Parenthood to fund abortions.
Fact:                   The majority of what Planned Parenthood provides are medical screenings and procedures critical to the health and well-being of women as well as men. Those services include testing for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, screenings for cervical and breast cancer, routine gynecological exams, HPV vaccines, contraceptives, and prescription of birth control medications. Cutting these services would dramatically increase the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions and cost the federal government billions of dollars more in other social services annually.

Assertion:           “Only hookers go to Planned Parenthood.” -  Glenn Beck
Fact:                    In Massachusetts in 2009, Planned Parenthood provided services to 69, 654 patients, of which 87% were women and 13% were men. Of those MA patients, 96% were well below the federal poverty level and earned less than $27,000 annually. Without the free and low-cost services provided by Planned Parenthood, these patients would not be able to receive the treatment and care they need.

Assertion:           Cutting Title X funding would save the federal government money.
Fact:                    For every dollar spent on family planning programs, the government saves $4 on other social services. In light of this, it is categorically untrue to state that cutting Title X funding for Planned Parenthood would save the federal government money. On the contrary, cutting Title X funding would actually cost the government money. For example, in 2008 Title X funded contraceptive programs helped America women avoid 973,000 unintended pregnancies of which 432, 600 would have resulted in unintended births and 406, 200 abortions. Avoiding these unintended pregnancies saved the federal government approximately $5.1 billion.

Title X programs provide critical services, such as contraception, cancer screenings, and STD testing, to over 5 million American women a year. Funding cuts to Planned Parenthood would have disproportionate adverse effects on low income women who depend on Planned Parenthood to receive critical medical care and treatment. To cut that funding, partially or completely, would leave millions of American women without reproductive healthcare. This is not a social issue; it is a human issue.  

We at the MWPC stand with Planned Parenthood and urge you to contact your elected officials to tell them that you stand with Planned Parenthood and ask that they do too.