Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MWPC Commends Joint Committee on Redistricting on Efforts for a Just, Transparent Process

State House News reports that on Monday, Representative Michael Moran (D-Brighton), House Chair of the Joint Committee on Redistricting, began his second round of sit-down meetings with all members of the MA House of Representatives, thereby fulfilling the promise he made at the outset of the redistricting process to meet with each member of the House at least twice before presenting any final district maps.

In the same piece, Representative Moran states that maintaining the majority-minority status of districts in the Boston area is a top priority of the Committee. With significant population shifts throughout neighborhoods, such as Dorchester and Mattapan, this is certainly no easy or enviable task. However, given the numerous sit-down meetings Chairman Moran and Chairman Rosenberg (D-Amherst), of the Senate, have had with constituents and interest groups, the public  hearings the Committee has held throughout the state, and these meetings with elected officials, it is apparent that this Redistricting Committee is deliberating carefully about where to draw lines this fall.

This public outreach and involvement also shows a distinct commitment to transparency in this process, which is crucial for drawing lines in a just way that accounts for minority representation.

As an organization dedicated to increasing the political empowerment of women of color, the MA Women's Political Caucus commends the Redistricting Committee on its earnest efforts to make the redistricting process a transparent one and for its efforts to maintain the majority-minority districts.