Friday, February 3, 2012

We STILL Stand with Planned Parenthood

In the wake of the Susan G. Komen Foundation's disappointing and disturbing decision to withdraw their funds for breast cancer screenings from Planned Parenthood, we went public to make it known that we still stand with Planned Parenthood and that the Komen Foundation's decision is unacceptable. Here is our letter to the editor we sent to show our open support for PPFA and our conviction that political motivations should never trump women's health:

I am writing on behalf of the Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus to express our profound disappointment in the Susan G. Komen Foundation for its decision to pull their funding from Planned Parenthood. The money that Susan G. Komen has provided to Planned Parenthood in the past five years has provided nearly 170,000 clinical breast exams and 6,400 mammogram referrals. The Komen Foundation's decision to divest from Planned Parenthood clearly is not in the best interests of women, tens of thousands of whom rely on the breast cancer prevention care provided by Planned Parenthood. We are deeply disturbed by the fact that the Komen Foundation has clearly bowed to political pressures and put ideology before women's health. For the sake of women across the country, we hope that the Komen Foundation reconsiders this unwise, counterproductive decision.


Priti Rao
Executive Director
MA Women's Political Caucus