Friday, March 29, 2013

Women's History Month: Kerry Healey

Kerry Healey has long been a major player in state and national politics.  She was the former Lieutenant Governor under Mitt Romney and served as both domestic and foreign policy advisor to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.  Now, however, she is taking a step back from the GOP as Babson College's first women president in its 94 year history.  

Let's be honest, though.  By taking this position, she isn't putting important issues on the back burner, she is taking a step towards making education more affordable and accessible, especially for young girls.  Her mother was the first woman in her family to go to college, and she stated that she will make affordable education at Babson College a priority, "I’m someone who is fortunate to have attended college and graduate school greatly on scholarships.  I understand the importance of making education affordable for everyone."

And, if she isn't inspiring enough, since she left public office in 2007 she has led a national effort to reduce child homelessness, brought humanitarian aid to schools for the disabled in Cuba, and trained female Afghan parliamentarians in Kabul.  It is like this woman can't stop giving back.  She is co-chair of a bipartisan effort to elect more women to state and federal office called the Parity Project (seem familiar?

"The more I thought about it, the more it became obvious," Healey said. "Babson cares about the same things I do, which is to bring entrepreneurial vision and efforts to bear on the big questions confronting our society and our country."