Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Girl Develop It Boston

Technology has becoming increasingly key in our society. Yet so many people,
Sara Chipps & Vanessa Hurst, Co-founders
especially women do not have access to learning materials needed in order to succeed. In 2010 Vanessa Hurst and Sara Chipps co-founded Girl Develop It, a international organization that provides affordable and accessible programming and web design classes to empower women. Not only do they provide classes but there are many online tutorials of how to learn computer programming and web design on your own. The goal is to give women from all different backgrounds a chance to achieve a reliance within themselves to further and or start their career.

Within Girl Develop It there are many different classes available to take including training in Javascript, web design, Word press, apps for phones and typography. There are many different chapters throughout the country inclusive of Austin, our very own BOSTON, Boulder, Buffalo, Burlington, Chicago, Columbus, Cincinnati, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Raleigh/Durham, San Francisco, Seattle, also internationally Toronto and Sydney!

In Boston the focus is on web design, software developers, internet professionals, women's fitness, women entrepreneurs, web development, programming, women empowering women, web designers and developers, and women programmers. The Boston chapter was opened on February 17th 2013 and so far have had 16 meetups or classes. There is going to be an event in October so check back in with MWPC for some more updates!    

To learn more about Girl Develop It visit: and for local Boston information visit: