Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Pioneer for Women’s Equality

In a touching short essay, Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) memorializes how the inspirational former Representative, Patsy Mink, affected her life as a woman aspiring to create change through politics. Senator Hirono was struck not only by Mink’s enduring sense of commitment and determination, but also her unabashed opinions on progressive change. 

Former Representative Mink co-authored the well-known Title IX legislation, which prohibited academic institutions from rejecting women and girls due to gender discrimination and protected them against sexual harassment. Both Hirono and Mink have incredible stories of coming from humble beginnings, facing adversity, and overcoming all odds to become successful politicians. Hirono talks about the personal sense of connection she shared with Patsy Mink, as they had shared visions for women’s equality and were trailblazers for entering Congress as Asian-American women. 

The legacy of Patsy Mink will never become obsolete in Hawaiian Senator Hirono’s heart, and neither for us. The essay is part of a series called “Women Rule,” an effort by POLITICO, Google, and The Tory Burch Foundation to raise awareness of women spearheading changes in politics, policy, and their communities.