Monday, February 10, 2014

A Tribute to Therese Murray

Senate President Therese Murray has announced she will not seek re-election to the chamber when her term expires at the end of the year. During her twenty-two years on Beacon Hill, Murray has accomplished a tremendous amount and inspired many individuals to get involved in politics. Murray alluded to her future saying, “I’m leaving all my doors open, whether it’s academic, the nonprofit sector or the healthcare sector. I haven’t decided what to do next, but politics has always been in my blood and will continue to be.” The MWPC looks forward to what Murray will achieve in the future, but we will take a moment to reflect on her noteworthy past thus far.

Therese Murray was elected Senator of the Plymouth and Barnstable District in 1992. She then served as Chairwoman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee before becoming the first woman President of the Massachusetts Senate in March 2007. Throughout Murray’s career, she has championed many initiatives that the MWPC supports. 

Murray has been a driving force behind health care reform in Massachusetts; she helped pass the Health Care Reform Act of 2006. Since then she has worked to increase access to primary care doctors, modernize the health system, reduce small business health care costs, and ensure continued access and improved quality outcomes. Murray has also been a voice for children and families during her time in the State House. Senator Murray passed legislation to expand the Mental Health Parity Law while sponsoring legislation to improve early identification of children with mental illness. Murray has also contributed to welfare reform, transportation reform, and education reform.

MWPC has had a wonderful relationship with Senator Murray since first endorsing her run for Senate in 2004. Since then MWPC has re-endorsed Murray in all of her campaigns for reelection. She has been a featured speaker at many MWPC programs, such as Commonwealth Commentary and Young Professionals. In 2008 Murray received the Dolores L. Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award at MWPC’s Annual Tribute to Abigail Adams, recognizing her outstanding commitment as a female leader. Senator Murray will be greatly missed by MWPC, but it is our hope that we will continue working with her in future endeavors.