Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bridging the Gap with GAPP (Girls About Political Participation)

Today the MWPC was proud to take part in an exciting event promoting women in public service. GAPP (Girls About Political Participation): Connecting Women Politicians with the Next Generation was sponsored by the Massachusetts Caucus of Women Legislators (MCWL), the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus (MWPC), and Boston Girls Leading Organized Women (GLOW).

The event brought together 11 girls interested in public service and 13 women politicians at the Massachusetts Statehouse to discuss public service and share their personal stories. The politicians attending were:

  • Rep. Ruth Balser
  • Rep. Carolyn Dykema
  • Rep. Alice Peisch
  • Rep. Marjorie Decker
  • Rep. Rhonda Nyman
  • Rep. Cory Atkins
  • Diane Modica, Former Boston City Councilor
  • Dana Reberio, New Bedford City Councilor Ward four
  • Mardee Xifaras, Former Democratic National Committee Woman
  • Ann Bookman, Director Institute for Women in Politics University of  Massachusetts Boston
  • Thalia Tsongas Schlesinger, Delegate to National Political Conventions, strategist, and fundraiser

Each girl was paired with a politician whom they interviewed about their personal stories of getting involved in public service, strategies for getting women involved, and goals for the future.

The MWPC was excited to be involved in this exciting new project that aims to empower young women, inspire them to become involved in politics, and eventually run for public office!