Monday, November 10, 2014

Midterm Elections Show Signs of Progress Towards Gender Equality

Across the country US citizens voted in last week’s midterm elections and for the first time in history, we have voted more than 100 women into the House of Representatives. This is just one of the few landmarks that happened for the nation. Massachusetts is the site of another landmark: we have elected the first openly gay attorney general in the country into office. These historical events don’t mean that the US has moved past issues of gender or sexuality, but that we are finally acknowledging them and working towards building a more representative government of the people. The amazing women elected into office last week have certainly earned their spots, and we are happy to see that efforts for gender equality in government are paying off.
Electing women into office isn’t just about making the numbers higher, but about having people who will continue to work for gender equality once they’re in office.  Studies have shown that women in office are more likely to support bills that address women’s issues and tend to be more supportive of legislation that will empower other groups in the country. In addition to that, women in government typically are more willing to work across the aisle in order to compromise and move legislation forward. For these reasons among many others, it is important to continue supporting women in politics and to applaud those who won their elections last Tuesday. 
The elections were marked by a number of landmarks, and these landmarks show how far we’ve come. Electing women into office is a sign that the country is acknowledging the equality of the sexes. These elections also indicate that we will continue to have progress in the future as our female candidates continue their hard work in office. It is with this in mind that we want to congratulate our MWPC PAC-endorsed candidates Christine Barber, Deb Goldberg, Maura Healey, Barbara L’Italien, Karyn Polito, Marian Ryan. In addition, we offer our congratulations to Suzanne Bump who was re-elected as state auditor. We also want to applaud Martha Coakley for her hard fought-campaign for Governor and all of the work she has done for women in her time leading up to it. 
-Gia Rowley