Friday, March 21, 2014

What We've Been Reading...

Happy Spring MWPC Friends!

Hillary Clinton is in the news once again, but this time for not being news. That’s right, according to an article posted by Politico earlier today, many analysts believe that by waiting to announce her decision to run for President in 2016 she is effectively freezing the rest of the Democratic 2016 field. As the predicted democratic frontrunner, her decision to run will likely dictate the decision of other strong contenders. If she decides withholds her decision for too long and then decides not to run, she risks leaving the party with little time to find an alternative. However, supporters of Clinton say this is not the case at all. By staying quiet, the press remains focused on Clinton, allowing other possible contenders time to prepare for the election without media speculation. The public can hope to hear a final decision from Clinton sometime after November midterm elections.

The president addressed students at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida yesterday regarding women’s economic prospects in 2014. Obama deemed 2014 “the year of action” for his administration. The Chief Executive talked up his efforts to improve women’s economic opportunities, hoping to encourage Congress to take action on the many issues affecting women today. Read what the president detailed here.

While Mr. Obama speaks about women’s issues domestically, the rest of his family begins their “Good-Will Tour” of China. Michelle Obama, along with her daughters Sasha and Malia and her mother, were hosted today by China’s “first lady” Peng Liyuan. This New York Times article outlines the First Lady’s plans for her trip, as well as the differences in culturally acceptable behavior of women in power. Even on the first day of the Obama’s trip, it is clear that their female presence will promote interesting discussion about the role of women as international diplomats between China and the US.  

All of the articles we’ve read this week were accessed online, and reached thousands of people via email and social media sources. Technology has had a tremendous impact on the virality of the feminist movement, and has helped us achieve things that were unthinkable fifty years ago when Gloria Steinem first took hold of the women’s liberation movement. Like all things, though, the growth of technology has shown itself to be a double-edged sword for feminism. While technology provides the tools for women to be more aware and empowered, it is also continually used as a means of deprecation. Women currently do not have a big enough seat at the table when it comes to technological development, and thus cannot control the way technology is used against them. Read the rest of the CNN article analyzing both sides of the argument here.