Friday, March 21, 2014

Woman of the Hour: Karen Charles Peterson

Voting in the primaries on April 1st? Not sure who to vote for? The answer is simple for State Representative for the 5th Suffolk House District. Only one woman can do the job, and the MWPC is proud to endorse her: Karen Charles Peterson.

Here are ten reasons why Karen Charles Peterson is our candidate

  1. She is committed to public safety and decreasing crime in the district.
  2. Karen understands the importance of education in producing the future leaders of the community, and pledges to do all she can to turn around schools in the 5th Suffolk District if elected.
  3. We can depend on her to reform the Department for Children and Families.
  4. She wants to work with others to improve the economic vitality of the Dudley Street corridor, Uphams Corner, and Fields Corner.
  5. She doesn’t make empty promises.
  6. Karen is a lifelong resident of the 5th Suffolk District and understands the concerns of the residents.
  7. Years of government experience as a city council aide, and as chief of staff in a number of state agencies.
  8. She has been endorsed by former Nelson Merced, former Representative for the 5th Suffolk District.
  9. Building higher levels of civic engagement is a top priority on her agenda.
  10. She has an AWESOME campaign song -