Tuesday, June 23, 2015

More than Fun and Games: Title Nine

Over forty years ago the U.S. government passed Title Nine, a law passed to prevent discrimination on the bias of sex in schools receiving federal funding.  Historically Title Nine has been known for its impacts on athletic departments within the U.S. educational system, however this is only a small part of its legal reach. Specifically, Title Nine addresses 8 other key areas: Access to Higher Education, Career Education, Education for Pregnant and Parenting Students, Employment, Learning Environment, Math and Science, Sexual Harassment, Standardized Testing and Technology.

Today Title IX has become a rallying point for student activists working to end sexual assault on their college campuses.  

In response to the epidemic of campus sexual assault, in 2013 the group Know Your IX was founded.  The organization, which advocates for the civil right to an education free from sexual violence and harassment, is a “national survivor-run, student-driven campaign to end campus sexual violence.”  They work to do this through three major avenues: educating students about title nine, pushing for policies that better enforce title nine, and providing students with a space to engage in activism.

To learn more about Know Your Nine please see their website: