Monday, June 15, 2015

Women's World Cup and Title IX

The Women’s World Cup is currently underway in Canada. The team has continued its streak as one of the top teams in the world. Their successes can be attributed, in part, to the hard work from the female coaches of the U.S. team. Many women, such as April Heinrichs, are lifelong fans of the sport and dedicate their expertise to the game. Having a unique perspective as a former female professional athlete can make a difference in coaching strategies. They know what it takes to motivate their players and make them a better team.
            Because of the federal law, Title IX, more girls have access to their own leagues at a younger age. This law, which prohibits discrimination based on gender, has been successfully applied to sport over the past four decades. It is necessary for girls to feel comfortable and progress at their own rate. Girls can gain a competitive edge by practicing the sport against girls that are in an older age group. The players on the Women’s U.S. Team have definitely benefited from Title IX. These women were able to develop and practice their skill in a manner that is equal to that of the men’s.