Thursday, July 2, 2015

Good News for Hillary

Hillary Clinton has currently raised more than $45 million for her primary campaign. According to a campaign spokeswoman speaking on behalf of the Federal Election Commission filings, ninety-one percent of the donations to Hillary for America were given in increments of $100 or less. This is important news for the campaign because it shows that Mrs. Clinton campaign has excited small-dollar donors. These small-money donors are outside her traditional concentration of big money donors from Manhattan and California.
Mrs. Clinton has been on a jam-packed fund-raising schedule across the country. Her aim is to explain her agenda at higher-dollar fund-raisers and entice donations from her wealthy donors.
The campaign’s “Hillstarters” program is raising a lot of funds from Hillary’s wealthy supporters. It has raised $27,000 from friends who were asked to give a maximum donation of $2,700.
Hillary has raised far more money than she did last time she ran in a Democratic primary. Her fund-raising efforts will not go in vain. It is projected that she will raise more funds than her Democratic and Republican rivals. Unlike 2007, her competition among the Democratic candidates for campaign funding is not substantial.