Friday, July 10, 2015

What we’re Reading…

Summer is in full swing and it’s a busy time for everyone! As you head off to the beach, amusement park, or a BBQ here are a few things you need to know from the headlines this week.

The Confederate Flag Came Down in South Carolina:
Today, July 10th, after a long and emotional debate the South Carolina state government has decided to remove the Confederate flag from capitol grounds. Post-removal, the flag will be placed in a nearby museum. The debate has been taken up by the federal government in response to a recent amendment to a funding bill. The amendment, which would ban the flag from the grounds of National Parks, has been opposed by conservative Republican leaders who have pulled support from the bill.

The US Women’s Team is the First Women’s Team Honored in NYC:
The US could not have gotten a better birthday gift – during the 4th of July weekend the US Women’s Soccer Team won the FIFA finals. The game broke records as the most watched soccer game in the United States. Its audience was larger than the most recent NBA finals, and last year’s World Series. Despite the notoriety of the game, the women were paid substantially less than their male counterparts.  The inequality of pay between the women’s and men’s team has been taken up by many activists although nothing has come of demands to resolve the disparity.  On the flip side of the sexism faced by the US team, they became the first women’s team to be given a parade in NYC today!

What To Do About Trump?:
Whether you love him or hate him, Trump is making news. Trump has been receiving heat for racist comments made about Mexicans and Mexican Americans earlier this month. In response GOP leaders have actively sought out ways to tone down and/or remove Trump from the election. The leader of the RNC scolded Trump in a call asking him to “tone it down” (although Trump remembers this differently, see below) and FOX news has changed their debate requirements. Even in the face of GOP disapproval Trump has managed to come up top in some polls.