Friday, October 30, 2009

In The News Today

As supporters of MWPC's mission, there are some stories in today's papers that we thought you might be interested in...
  • Check out today's Boston Globe, which includes a great editorial endorsing Ayanna Pressley for an at-large seat on the Boston City Council. Ayanna's candidacy is proudly endorsed by the MWPC PAC. If elected, she would be only the third woman -- and the first woman of color -- ever to serve on the city council. Congratulations, Ayanna!
  • There is also a distressing op-ed in the Boston Globe about how abortion rights are being slowly eroded here in Massachusetts due to a lack of facilities willing to offer abortion procedures. In particular, there is a controversy in Brookline where residents are trying to block the opening of an abortion clinic due to concern over protests. It's an interesting column and well worth the time to read.
  • Another concerning article in the Boston Globe shows that we may be going backwards in terms of advancement of women in high-profile positions in Massachusetts businesses.
These articles show how the role of MWPC is just as necessary now as when we first got started.