Monday, November 2, 2009

Globe Endorses Ruth Balser for Mayor of Newton

Congratulations to State Representative Ruth Balser, who today picked up the endorsement of the Boston Globe in the race to be the next Mayor of Newton.

Ruth Balser also is proudly endorsed by the MWPC PAC. It was our first municipal endorsement ever.

For those who do not already know her, Ruth Balser is a lifelong resident of Newton and she has spent more than 20 years as a public servant, serving as a Newton Alderman and now as a legislator in her sixth term. She has been an active member of her sons' PTOs, as well as civic, political and religious organizations.

A total of 32 men have served as mayor in Newton, which is one of the largest cities in Massachusetts. We're working hard to make sure the next mayor is Ruth Balser. On June 7, a number of us attended a special event in Newton to announce our endorsement and to show our support.

For more information on Ruth Balser and her candidacy, or to see how you can volunteer on Election Day, please visit: