Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Charlotte Golar Richie for Mayor!

Experience. When one considers the upcoming mayoral election, he or she undoubtedly seeks a candidate with unique experience applicable to the position. Groundbreaking: surely an ideal mayoral candidate is one unafraid to break down barriers and work toward change. And, in a male-dominated race, Charlotte Golar Richie shines like a beacon representative of these influential qualities (oh, and much, much more). Thus, the MWPC has chosen to endorse Charlotte Golar Richie for Mayor of Boston! 

We at MWPC are more than acquainted with the promising characteristics of Charlotte, as we endorsed her for State Representative for the 5th Suffolk District in 1994, where she served three terms. But, for those of you playing catchup, a mouthful of credentials: Charlotte Golar Richie has represented residents at the local, state, and federal levels, working as a State Representative and Chair of Housing and Urban Development, a position in which she won a $296 million bond bill to build and renovate homes and apartments. Charlotte also served both as a Senior Advisor to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick for Federal, State, and Community Affairs and the Executive Director of Deval Patrick’s election committee. She has worked with current Boston Mayor Menino as the Director of the Department of Neighborhood Department during which time she managed over 200 employees and a $100 million budget and issued a groundbreaking (yes, groundbreaking) 18,000 permits for affordable housing across the city. 

And yet, Charlotte Golar Richie is not all business. A mother, wife, and resident of Dorchester for 26 years, Charlotte gives back to others, in and outside of her own community. Internationally, she donated her time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya and, following the 2010 earthquake, travelled to Haiti with civic leaders to deliver tents and supplies. In Boston, she is a chair and Founding Board Member of Boston’s Higher Ground, a Roxbury-based organization connecting residents to service providers. 

With her strong background in a plethora of areas: federal and state advocacy, political activism, youth education and job training, and housing and community development, it’s no wonder that she feels no intimidation toward running amongst all men. On the contrary, when asked about being the only woman running, Charlotte optimistically notes, “At least there’s one.” She does comment, though, on the nature of politics as a cause for such a skewed outcome by explaining “It’s a reflection of the obstacles women have faced in finding a toehold.” Fearlessly, Charlotte disregards the question of disunity in the race in favor of her love for Boston, her commitment to which she has proved over her extensive career in public service. Should she win, she would break further ground as the first African American Woman in the role of mayor of a large metropolitan city. So, when pollers talk about desiring change, Charlotte brings with her exactly that. 

Charlotte thoughtfully concludes, “I feel that I can bring everybody together. I’ve got practice at that.” And we at MWPC couldn’t agree more. 

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