Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MWPC Endorses Annissa George for Boston City Council At-Large!

MWPC Endorses Annissa George for Boston City Council At-Large!

       A lifelong Boston resident and mother of four, Annissa is a woman to whom everyone can relate: she is just like you, your mother, a relative, or even a friend. Annissa brings a lot to the table and we at MWPC are thrilled to announce our endorsement of Annissa Essaibi George for Boston City Council At-Large.

       Immersed in her community of Dorchester, Annissa is a teacher at East Boston High School and owns a yarn and fabric shop named Stitch House. Through her passion for sewing, Annissa has made her own designs, even becoming a national finalist in a McCall’s Pattern Company sewing contest, and in college used her creations to pay for meals and outings. In this sense, Annissa is a self-made woman dedicated to her family, her community, and her passions. As a Councilor At-Large, Annissa feels that she could represent residents like her: mothers, teachers, and women.

       As an educator, Annissa keeps issues regarding public education close to her heart. For example, Annissa hopes to make a difference for girls in school by providing them with information about how to negotiate appropriate wages, confidence to advocate for themselves, and challenging academics to prepare them for the workforce. Annissa also desires to increase health education in schools as well as the punishment for human trafficking.

        At the top of her list, though, are Public Safety, Economic Development, and Public Health. Annissa believes in the necessity of both a top notch Police Department and the enactment of an enhanced community policing agenda in order to keep Boston and its residents safe. Economically, Annissa recognizes the importance of revenue created by property taxes and, thus, advocates for good schools, good businesses, and good infrastructures for property values to remain at their current high. Citing the applicability of Public Health to all realms, Annissa also believes that Boston needs to hold for-profit organizations that provide irresponsible services to residents accountable for their impact on neighborhoods.

       Annissa Essaibi George knows what families, neighborhoods, and women in Boston need to prosper, and she eagerly plans to apply her experience and knowledge in the position of Councilor At-Large. Still, Annissa maintains her current roles as mother, teacher, and owner of Stitch House, impacting the lives of Dorchester residents every day. MWPC has faith in Annissa’s ability to make a difference and is proud to endorse her in the upcoming election!

For more about Annissa Essaibi George: http://about.me/annissaforboston