Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Are we still debating abortion laws in the U.S.? Why yes we are. Since even before Roe vs. Wade was passed in 1973 the U.S. has been pulled back and forth across the political scale of where it stands on the topic of abortion. The population of the U.S. has been defined over this one issue as either Pro-Choice or Pro-Life with no middle ground.
We see this dispute strike up again in the recent debate of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This act would outlaw all abortions of fetuses that have reached the 22-week mark, and makes the argument that a fetus can feel pain after the first trimester. This law would partially reverse Roe vs. Wade and make it difficult for women to seek quality abortion care. The act is expected to pass the House by next week and has had a lot of support from state legislatures. It is expected to be overridden by the Senate and President Obama has already stated that he would veto the bill.
The real question that remains is why after more than 40 years is this still a hot topic in the U.S.? So hot in fact that we see constant attempts to repeal that right to have an abortion, such as this act. Do we not have anything better to do? Do the issues of the economy, unemployment, the right for same sex marriage, equal pay, or maintaining the safety of the American people not come first? Not to mention, why are there no women on the debate panel? These are all questions that arise as the debate continues in the House. The legislators in this instance have been criticized once again for being anti-women and anti-science. They sound uneducated with very biased opinions from both health care providers and supporters.
The debate has become a waste of valuable time and resources and needs to be considered as a conversation that has long since been decided on. It is time to move on to other issues and let women have their choice to privacy.