Friday, August 7, 2015

Women2Women America International Program

Last night, the MWPC co-sponsored the 10th annual Women2Women event. This organization works towards building a network of talented young women from around the globe. The women are engaged in issues that pertain to their lives and are given the tools and opportunities required to lead. Over a 10-day period, about 100 emerging female leaders will participate in an educational training program designed to provide the girls with leadership skills. This year, the event occurred from July 29 to August 8 in Boston.
W2W was specifically created to provide young female leaders with the skills needed to succeed around the globe. The females in W2W are challenged to develop and implement a cooperative civic engagement plan in their communities.
The five goals of the program include: building bridges of mutual understanding, respect, and trust; strengthening leadership skills; engaging young women in the issues that define their lives; demonstrating the importance of civic engagement and volunteerism; and establishing a powerful network.
At the Women2Women America International Leadership Program last evening, there were about 120 young girls representing 26 different countries. The MWPC is very proud of this organization and everything they accomplish. We support their work and the continuation of their success. 
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