Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis and the Right to Marry

The story on everyone’s minds and newsfeeds this week is Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. There is much confusion and disagreement surrounding her jailing. Her supporters believe she was jailed due to her religious beliefs, while others, including myself, recognize that she was jailed for breaking the law. Davis chose not to issue marriage certificates even after being ordered by a federal judge. 

Many opinions are circling the web and the news. One opinion, mine, is this; the Supreme Court, the highest court in the nation made a decision. SCOTUS ruled that all rights that apply to opposite-sex couples now apply to same-sex couples across the country. The republic that we all love so much was built on the foundation of laws and justice. And this is the law.

Kim Davis, as a government employee, was bound by law to grant those couples marriage licenses regardless of her religious beliefs. We all have a right to our beliefs. It is a fundamental right that is necessary and important for the stability of our country. That does not mean that one is allowed to ignore a judicial mandate and deny others their rights as American citizens. Religion has no place in government. The separation of church and state is fundamental to the welfare of our country. If Kim Davis is unable to separate her religious beliefs from her role as government employee she should no longer be allowed to do that job. Period.
-MWPC Intern Emma Sands