Monday, September 28, 2015

TOMORROW: Pink Out For Planned Parenthood

In lieu of the Planned Parenthood scandal of recent weeks, cities across the United States have been organizing and taking part in various actions to promote the organization and its contributions to women’s healthcare. Cambridge, Massachusetts is no exception. On September 29th, Planned Parenthood in conjunction with Harvard University and the Harvard University College Democrats will be holding an event in an effort to demonstrate widespread support for Planned Parenthood among Boston-area voters.

The event, entailed “Pink Out for Planned Parenthood,” will include a training that aims to teach participants how to recruit other individuals to support Planned Parenthood as well as be active in promoting the organization to others in their respective communities. This action will take place at 7:30pm. Following the training, an additional action will take place where participants will hear stories of patients, staff and supporters of Planned Parenthood. This particular event, which is set to take place at 8:20pm, will be followed by a training in which participants are provided with the tools in which to write letters, share personal stories and take photos in order to saturate social media in pro-Planned Parenthood posts.

As a pro-choice woman, it’s critically important to me that this event attracts a large constituency of attendees. Given the factually skewed, politically biased attacks against Planned Parenthood in recent months, its imperative that pro-choice Americans take action against the anti-choice agenda that has permeated Congressional politics. So get ready to protest—all in pink, of course—in support of the millions of women that have taken advantage of the incredible services Planned Parenthood has to offer since its inception in 1942. Planned Parenthood has given so much to women all across the United States. It’s imperative that we as pro-choice Americans give back to the organization as well.

-Talia Lepson, MWPC Intern