Monday, September 14, 2015

Presidential Youth Council

Searching the Internet recently, I have noticed more and more about a presidential youth council. The idea is something that I am conflicted about. On one hand having the opinions of well-educated young people could do nothing but benefit the president and the white house. Being connected to the younger generations could keep staff informed on what is important to them and the changes and improvements they want to see around the country.

Mainly there would be benefits to this. It could give the president insight into what young adults are interested in and what could get them more involved in the politics of their country. 

My only concern is that the teenagers and young adults that were qualified for these positions may not be the most informed on what “the kids are up to” around the country. I would assume that any person to be on the council would be highly educated and have an impressive resume and experience. This could mean that they would not have a connection to the young people who aren’t as highly educated.

The council would not be an accurate representation of the country’s youths and their interests. It is however important to have young people’s voices heard when it comes to policy making. As the next generation of leaders, presidents and business people it is important that we are part of the conversation and the direction of policy within the country.

by Emma Sands